Venice Beach

Dec 2018

It's all about taking advantage of a moment

While our plan was never to go and capture the beauty of Venice California, I could not be happier that I had the opportunity

Calvin and Hobbes

Merch Shots

Post Sunset Video Works

We started the trip by spending some time down by the world famous Venice Skatepark. It was a bit awkward at first shooting these guys and gals, but as time went on it felt more natural.

Young and old, they are all out to support each other

As the sun started to go down we made our way over to the pier and capture some shots

As the sun really began to set we walked onto the beach and watched as the sky began to burn with color

the sun passed the horizon and the colors of the sky were simply unbelievable. I noticed a couple sitting watching the sunset and they allowed me to get a few photos of them. Absolutely stunning images.

Simply incredible what this world has in store for us to enjoy together

I also captured a few images that are simply the beauty of the beach by it self and the nature around it

We finished the night with some shots in near darkness which was fun to walk off the beach in!

We had some time the next morning before our flight so we went back and captured some merch shots for Dansby Swanson new clothing line.

I never expected to have such a creatively great 24 hours in Venice and I'm so thankful for a friend with a great creative mind to challenge my own. If you have the opportunity to do something when plans change, don't be discouraged, but instead take the time to do your best.

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