Cleveland Ohio & Boston Massachusetts

Feb 2019

Taking advantage of cross country travel

Traveling across the country for work didn't give me much time to shoot, but I took advantage of all of it.

Starting with a trip to cleveland and our 11 bags between the 3 of us with a 6:30am flight was just the beginning of early mornings.

Quick layover in Las Vegas

We got to cleveland and settled in to our hotel

The next day we had a full day of shooting, but later that night we got out and enjoyed a dinner by the water

After that it was off to Boston

Even longer days in Boston made it next to impossible to find a time to shoot, but still found a few moments

And then we headed back home. 5 days with 6 total flights, 11 pieces of luggage and tons of photo and video work. I was tired beyond belief Saturday, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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